Online Promotion Tactics that Go Hand-in-Hand with Conventional SEO

Strategy Solution Tactics Teamwork Growth Vision ConceptFor most businesses that fall in the small and medium categories, conventional outsourcing does a lot of the tricks. Included among the services of most SEO companies are link-building campaigns, content marketing and other conventional Search Engine Optimization tactics. But there is a lot more to online promotion than merely these. Here is a look at some other modes of promotion that you may adopt.

Alternative Blogging

There is a certain amount of blogging that comes your way merely by the means of seeking the services of an SEO company. Most of these blogs are posted to get you more links directed at your website. But at the same time, you can always make do with some amount of alternative blogging.

If you can get links back from reputable sites on the internet, it could do wonders to your site. More and more among your competitors are doing it already and it is high time you started as well.

Private events

There is a wealth of promotional potential in holding private events on the web. These events can be literally on any subject and the forms can be webinars or simple web quizzes. Basically, it should be something that should interest people on the web. There are portions of people that are making their best efforts to hold these private events as promotional agendas.

Just look into it that you are not too promotional in the event. The major purpose of the event should be to make yourself entertaining to the people that have been invited for the event.


Unlike most conventional methods, the benefit of giving away gifts is that more and more people will start going out of their ways to make things work for you. For example, if you give away a mobile phone to a person that brings you a business lead, your existing clients might just invest an hour searching for leads for you.

Also, by giving away gifts on the web, people will start noticing you sooner than ever. There will suddenly be more queries dropping at your mail.

The Rise and Rise of Search Engine Optimization


SEO Optimization ConceptWhen search engines, first made their way into the internet, they were as new as anyone else on the internet. Very quickly, they became synonymous to the internet, so much so that people knew the internet as a place where they could discover something new every time. With time, businesses attached importance to appearing on the results supplied by searches. This is basically triggered the need for Search Engine Optimization. Ever since then, the SEO business has only risen. Here is a track.

Search Directories

When the internet of everything started changing everything as we knew, search directories were the first things that sprang into existence. There was a great hype about everything appearing on the internet and the search directories came to the rescue of people.

Search directories are from the age when businesses did not have websites of their own. They would rely on the listings of others sites to reach out to their prospective clients. While the mode of promotion is slightly indirect, search directories worked great for small businesses that wanted some sort of a presence on the web.


The formulation of websites can be marked as the beginning of formal and organized Search Engine Optimization. Businesses were in for more direct competition and people started promoting their businesses directly.

There were several new algorithm updates released by search engines post the formation of websites. Most of these updates concerned the need to provide relevant results to customers looking for services.

Out of the many new updates, one of the most pressing needs for businesses became the need for creating good websites that would attract customers both with the designs and with the content. This quickly translated into the splendidly designed websites that we see today.

Mobiles and Apps

The invention of mobiles, and the later addition of the internet to mobiles, had a lot to do with the restructuring of SEO as we knew it. New age web designing became centered on mobile users as much as computer users.

Apps are the most modern way to kill competition from fellow businesses. App development has now become a whole new integration to modern consumer satisfaction, and hence to Search Engine Optimization.

The Most Essential Elements in Ecommerce SEO

Business hand writing SEO processMarketing through the web is realized best by ecommerce companies. You sell directly through the web and there are very little elements of risk involved. In fact, most leading experts believe that ecommerce is the future way to go for all businesses, new or old. While there have been contrasting theories in the past, the truth runs down into the fact that there are several people that are already making the most of the opportunities available in SEO in enhance the reach of their ecommerce. Here are some basic elements of the same.


Visibility is important to any store, online or offline. If the customers do not see the products that you want to sell, they will most probably not be interested in buying them. Moreover, if they do not see the products that they like, they will simply move off to another store.

While product visibility is more a concern of design and layout than of SEO, the basic visibility of the site under search engine results is something that everyone would ask for. The normal basic of search engine visibility is relevant to ecommerce sites, as it is relevant to all other sites.


There are very few web businesses that need to be promoted as vigorously as the ecommerce business. Sale will only be possible if people know about your ecommerce business and there are not many people are successful ecommerce businessmen if they do not get to the root of online promotion.   

Make sure that you promote only the products that are available on your store. If a product is sold out, it should be refilled immediately. This lessens the bounce rate.

Competition Analysis

Although underrated in regular SEO, competition analysis is as important a part of ecommerce as of regular SEO. Unless you analyze your competition well, you will not be able to figure out a strategy that will help your ecommerce rise above competition.

While there are several modes and means of competition analysis in ecommerce, there really cannot be a single strategy into the same. You will have to formulate a strategy that brings about a combination of the niche of work, the level of market competition and the availability of similar products in physical stores.